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The Day Deserved

by Doug Hoekstra

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    Eco wallet design by Bob Delevante; includes lyrics, credits, photos

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  • "The Day Deserved" backstory booklet features lyrics and credits, along with extra photos, poetry, and dialogue from Doug Hoekstra on the making of each track. Full color, 10 pages, measuring 6 x 8 ,this was also designed by Bob Delevante in tandem with the CD. Special pre-order - just add $5 to your order for digital download or CD to cover shipping/handling) and will go out with the release. Limited supply

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Seaside Town A painting of an autumn field Gold and charcoal brown Crows and vultures in the sky Trains breaking down She studied every brushstroke Until meaning hit the ground Somebody went missing In this seaside town A storm was rising in the west Nothing built to last Ego trippers on the dime Ghosts rising from the past Good people working day and night Never gaining ground The winners kept on losing In her seaside town In this seaside town Up and down Sometimes she couldn’t sleep at night Sometimes, sometimes Watching from the sidelines Wasted by the clock She stole somebody’s schooner Tied up to the dock Took a trip around the world With her last love Nobody looked too hard for her In that seaside town She landed on an island In the ocean of her mind Her lover stroked her naked back And they lost all track of time A painting of an autumn field Patterns on the wall Those who speak will never know In her seaside town In this seaside town Up and down Sometimes she couldn’t sleep at night Sometimes, sometimes
Higher Ground Up above the clouds, brought here to higher ground The waters began to rise. I left my friends behind It was my childhood town Another place and time The beach kissed the sea That’s what things were like I’m a survivor now They say I’m doing fine Don’t have much to talk about When I close my eyes I see the coral tides Up above the clouds, brought here to higher ground The waters began to rise, I left my friends behind, I left, left my friends behind It didn’t happen fast The governor saw it all Coming into view Like a dream in a crystal ball Buying up Fiji land The temperature getting hot Running from the past And what we hadn’t got As we tied the knot Up above the clouds, brought here to higher ground Looking back on life, I made it to 89 I left, left my friends, I left, I left my friends behind The fields I used to roam Are an underwater plain We danced one more time In the eye of the hurricane I won the lottery Half of us moved away I can see everything From this mountain peak I see love that’s lost For eternity In a lottery Up above the clouds, brought here to higher ground When I close my eyes, close my eyes, All I see are these coral tides Up above the clouds
Unseen Undetected Unseen, undetected Living in the neighborhood Working hard, unprotected Doing what they know they should To be something, instead of nothing They don’t count on lucky breaks Unseen, undetected, unseen…far from Monterrey Unseen, undetected Until they’re othered by the few Small minds, the unelected Always turn the screws For their fears, they are crippled By their birth they’re falsely claimed Unseen, undetected, unseen…until they have their say Unseen, undetected Until they came to build my fence Paint my house and talk of family And the money they had sent Back home to their parents For their children’s better fate Unseen undetected, unseen….lost or on their way Unseen, undetected Until someone lights the flame Like a nightmare unaffected By the clocks that are kept at bay Little men with blackened magic Wearing cloaks of doubt and pain Unseen, undetected, unseen…on the corner of Main and Main Unseen, undetected Mexico or Viet Nam Walking miles to California On the boat from Amsterdam To be something instead of nothing Doing everything it takes Unseen, undetected, unseen. In their dreams, in their dreams, in their dreams…they always stay
Wintertime Down to Muscle Shoals Bobby and Aretha testify To what we know The highway is a river Twisted drawn and taut Woman gotta have it A little or a lot Whenever you are sanctified You only get one shot You only get one shot Winter of the heart Tell me what you're thinking And who you are Cotton fields asphalt Stretching near and far Holes between the rows Trees on the line Branches blown to bits Among the sea of white It’s the end of the season, No longer black and white No longer black and white Winter of the mind Wintertime, Wintertime I can feel it Calloused hands relentless Backs against the wind Sweating, shackled shouting Families gone again Soldiers and their guns Tramping through the real As if their father’s bidding Was a noble legacy Lifeless on the barren ground Where memories are sold Where memories are sold Winter of the soul Wintertime, Wintertime I can feel it Alabama State Roads Down to Muscle Shoals Wondering will I see The past up and go Or is it trapped between us And can’t escape Pops and Mavis sing The uncloudy day Let the people say Storm clouds blow away Storm clouds blow away Winter of the day
Late Night Ramble She’s got blue marks From falling off her bike Wears a patch to stop the smoking There’s a dude she likes Who’ll take her out to dinner On a date if she quits first I saw her two weeks later Her cough was sounding worse She smiled like no tomorrows Bit down harder on her nails Sitting close together Our feet upon the rail Searching for the words There was nothing I could do To give her what she needed To start her life anew Late night ramble In this, in this Late night ramble She wore long sleeves And hats in mid-July Moving like the wind The saddest pair of eyes Steady and unblinking As if every tear she cried Soaked into the pillow Never left to dry Late night ramble In this, in this Late night ramble Sirens passed us by She made the sign of the cross The radio filled with static Somewhere a child was lost In a field full of maiden grass Confidence at bay Some words last forever And only later resonate At home at night, in darkness The blade catches candlelight A couple go to bed and Try to stop the time Some people skate the surface Others go just deep enough To feel any kind of feeling That isn’t mindless and numb Late night ramble In this, in this, in this Late night ramble
Carry Me 03:46 video
Carry Me Rambling autumn walk, Colors turn to sounds Woodpecker clouds All around Off the beat Hammer trees In this boss nova forest Carry me away Critters rustle leaves A newborn wails Reminding me Another time This very place You would always say Before we even started Sunny and light hearted Carry me Reaching outstretched arms I’d pick you up so sure Proud of who I was Proud of who we were Your feet touched the ground You ran beyond my reach to be free Carry me Embracing your own love Happiness, and Sometimes, crazy sorrow I walk not far behind If you need a little rest Please remember when Everything was new And if you’re ever feeling blue I’ll be there to carry you Reaching outstretched arms I’d pick you up so sure Proud of who I was Proud of who we were Your feet touched the ground You ran beyond my reach to be free Carry me
Grace 04:26
Grace You hate it when I love you When we’re close you move away The moment I start running You come back to stay I just wanna say I’m here for you baby Here for bad and good As long as it may last As long as it should We’ll wash our sins away, yeah Cut a little slack Look at what we have, yeah Instead of what we lack Baby, it’s a fact I’m here for you baby Here for bad and good As long as it may last As long as it should Watching from my window It’s like a picture show People to and fro We only get the power When we let it go I’m here for you baby Here for bad and good As long as it may last As long as it should It’s a complicated world But, some things still remain A little bit of love A little bit of faith A little bit of grace
Gandy Dancer Eddie was a gandy dancer – He only lasted a week Driving nails, making peanuts, he said My time ain’t worth the grief Took a cab to see his girl Spent the night half alone Drinking wine, making love In somebody’s home Interrupted by the phone Back in the day, remember Receivers on the wall Voices echo through the building Between apartments in the hall Shady and expensive On the line was a certain man You still working that railroad job? Because I’ve got a handsome task It was a complicated plan Gandy Dancer, Gandy Dancer Eddie was a gandy dancer And tried to keep it cool, but In a day he’d make more money Than a year as a working fool She said, oh, baby don’t you do it He ignored her desperate pleas Working on a straight job Was close to slavery Pinching pennies getting squeezed Gandy Dancer, Gandy Dancer Little did he know his neighbor Was an eager beaver cop Who loved to play canary And was prone to eavesdrop He never liked Eddie anyways Had a thing for his girlfriend The cops were waiting armed and ready The bank job met an early end Up the river Eddie was sent Eddie was a gandy dancer But he only lasted a week Driving nails, making peanuts, he said His time wasn’t worth the grief Couldn’t see his girl no more Always alone Stuck inside four walls In somebody else’s home Always waiting for the phone Gandy Dancer, Gandy Dancer
Keeper of the Word Somewhere in Soho, the Village Square Came in from the rain to see what was there Looking for some Shelley or Keats Sorry for myself, lonely and beat Dust on the shelves some kind of proof Of a world that lost objective truth The keeper of the word Cat eye glasses, hair tucked back Triple pierced ears and a case of tact A life preserver when you’re lost at sea A mix of sex and dignity Secrets bound to tantalize My weakness is the very wise The keeper of the word I ran upstairs to clear the shelves Everything I wanted and something else, to which I return The keeper of the word She rang me up I asked her out for tea To talk about what I was about to read She laughed and said I couldn’t be done But looking to the future was always fun Autumn was coming we didn’t care About the revolution in the air The keeper of the word Precious and rare like Audubon’s birds, the light the day deserved To which I return Keeper of the word Together we formed a secret code The good kind of tension about to explode Stumbling through her one room flat Like a dirty paperback The keeper of the word
Outside Looking In Sittin’ in the scoreboard, watchin’ all the plays go by It gets hot in here sometimes, but I don’t’ really mind Players on the field, others in the stands Leather gloves or cell phones in their hands I got no plans Hanging up the numbers, I see a girl who comes alone Shirtless men badger her but she’s always in a zone Like rookies on the bench, they always miss her signs A motion detector, an invisible line Sittin’ in the scoreboard, I’m doing time Outside looking in, that’s how it’s always been for me On the edges of the crowd don’t you see? Sittin’ in the scoreboard, wondering about the other league In the designated hitter, I’m afraid, they still believe I wish I had a coach who could tell me what to do If I’m shy and nervous and don’t have a clue I’m feeling blue on blue Sunlight paints her graceful hands Holding a pencil keeping score while she tans Sitting in the scoreboard I don’t understand Outside looking in, that’s how it’s always been for me On the edges of the crowd don’t you see? Sittin’ in the scoreboard, she’s not satisfied It’s the way that she moves when they leave in single file I put away my water, my radio, my chair And climb down the steps, to breathe the evening air Neither here nor there Going home alone, every day is the same Win or lose, its how you play the game Living in the moment, eyes on the ball I grow strong like ivy on the wall Sitting in scoreboard, ready to heed the call Outside looking in Outside looking in Don’t you see?


"....this is far from the usual singer-songwriter fare. Delve into Hoekstra’s real and imaginative worlds, bask in his words, and enjoy the full experience...." (Glide Magazine)

“Poetic observations of people, places and times unencumbered by musical boundaries…folk, rock and even reggae…‘The Day Deserved’ merits repeated listening, an experience akin to returning to an art gallery several times and finding something new on each visit."(Americana-UK)

“The Day Deserved is a welcome return to song from one of Nashville’s most lauded songwriters...you’ll see Doug Hoekstra’s name on various end of the year best of lists” (Ink 19)

“Intricate and articulate lo-fi Americana.... scintillating and tragically beautiful, sounding like Pete Shelley fronting a Velvet Underground offshoot. Doug Hoekstra is not just a mighty fine singer, songwriter and storyteller; but the way this is sequenced and indeed; produced put it right up there with the Big League..." (Rocking Magpie UK)

“…bound to land on many 'best of 2021' lists...the arrangements on this album are impeccable….ten beautiful underground pop songs executed to perfection…this man has a totally killer understated manner of singing that is instantly appealing…The Day Deserved is an album that will surely stand the test of time. Resilient, smart and different. This one's a modern-day classic. Highly recommended.” (Baby Sue Top Pick)

“Perhaps the message in Late Night Ramble sums it all up in the lines, ‘Some people skate the surface, Others go just deep enough, To feel any kind of feeling, That isn’t mindless and numb.’ The message of live-and-let-live runs through these songs, however fractured and in need of support we all may be. The gaps between are not as great as the potential for love and understanding in these troubled times. Welcome back Doug, we missed you!” (Lonesome Highway)

“Always an interesting cat, Hoekstra's magic has always sprung from sounding so underground yet being visible enough to nail real awards...his first record in a decade is cause for celebration" (Midwest Record)

Hoekstra’s “songwriting and storytelling acumen is as sharp as ever…on a reinvigorated creative streak, a welcome return for those who followed his career prior to the sabbatical and a terrific introduction to those coming to him new. It’s a new day and most certainly well deserved.” (Fatea UK)

“…there’s a place for well-measured and carefully crafted intelligent song craft. Our touchstones are probably the like of Van Dyke Parks, Randy Newman, Tom Waits, and Jackson Browne (add your own favourites). So, here, filling his application to join this estimable bunch, is Doug Hoekstra…The Day Deserved is one of those albums which slowly creeps into your life. It’s polished, all the songs are gems which have been cut to perfection but they reflect darkly the world around them. Hoekstra leads his note perfect ensemble on a variety of styles ranging from the lounge-lizard sleaze and sophisticated syncopations to dreamlike reveries and tender introspective murmurings.” (Blabber ‘n Smoke UK)

“ **** this collection of musical poems again shows Hoekstra to be a master observer, allowing imagination to flow and an inventive musical arranger fully in control of necessary mood swings.” (Rock and Reel, UK)

“…Thoroughly intriguing and compelling, an album that reaches well beyond the usual melodic and thematic constraints…deep thought fleshed out with full finesse, The Day Deserved ought to be considered a truly singular accomplishment. (Goldmine)

“The Day Deserved is the kind of record that draws you back again and again, and with each listen comes a new discovery in the stories he sings. Songs like, “Gandy Dancer”, “Seaside Town” and “Higher Ground” could each be a Netflix or Hulu series.” (Liner Notes WMOT Murfreesboro)

“ The Day Deserved is a ten track record that skirts the line between Americana and the more slowcore indie movement like Low, Mazzy Star or Slow Dive. The songs are steeped in storytelling and leverage similar instrumentation to the Americana world but the feeling of embarrassing earnesty that is common to the genre is absent here…how many songs have you heard today about the emergency evacuation of island nation Kirabiti b/c of rising sea levels? The answer should be ONE! Higher Ground tackles the subject, beautifully…a captivating video, a wild subject and an interesting slowcore song. Checking lots of boxes there.” (We Own This Town, Nashville)

” **** 4 stars…the music of Doug Hoekstra is worth listening to, as a singer and an important poet (Lust for Life, Netherlands)

“….an ambitious and distinctive new album The Day Deserved is diverse and intriguing idiomatically. While the solid rock foundation and writerly lyricism are dominant features, Hoekstra explores many other musical areas, ranging from vintage dub reggae to edgy and politically potent soul. Elements of jazz and folk are integrated into the basic framework, with Hoekstra’s hushed singing voice and assured authorial voice binding them together….a Nashville polymath ” (Nashville Scene)

“ **** There aren’t so many musicians who approach their work at this level, none of today’s pre-fab pop artists to be sure. Hoekstra realizes that if a story is worth telling, he is going to use whatever is necessary at his creative disposal to get that message across. The Day Deserved is not the kind of album I’m going to listen to every day, but there will be times when I will need what it has to offer; solace, comfort, and help in changing the way I think about things… and today, as I write this entering the second week of a 14 day Covid self-isolation and ponder my recent 63rd birthday, is one of those days.” (Rock Doctor Reviews & Podcast, Canada)

Hoekstra’s albums have “deeper arrangements, an extensive range of instruments, as if Roxy Music, David Bowie, and Lou Reed are throwing a party of recognition…The Day Deserved is a gem, worth waiting for…’(Alt Country Forum, Netherlands)

“…brilliant somewhat minimalist New Wave folkie singer/songwriter stuff (think Leonard Cohen produced by John Cale)…this new one is a) his fists in nearly a decade and b) absolutely insinuating, i.e., the kid’s still got it.” (Power Pop Top 10 of 2021)

FROM THE PRESS KIT: The Day Deserved, is Doug Hoekstra’s first album in over a decade, marking a stellar return to form and then some. Musically, the songs are diverse and deviate far from the typical singer-songwriter fare. All were demoed to explore arrangement ideas, but then grew out of core based sessions, into a cohesive mix of the tight and the orchestral, reflecting rock, folk, and reggae touches, colors of everything from gypsy fiddle (“Seaside Town” a tale of a disenfranchised artist) to reggae roots melodica (“Carry Me,” an ode to fatherhood and connectedness). Other highlights include the expansive slow ore build of “Higher Ground” (from the viewpoint of an elderly man seeing his homeland disappear), the soul-inspired "Wintertime,” (layers of history, race, and music), the cello-driven “Unseen Undetected” (alternate tales of an immigrant and an intolerant, both heretofore hidden).


released April 30, 2021

Individual musicians credits on each song…

All songs by Doug Hoekstra (Doug Hoekstra Music BMI, 2021) administered by Kobalt Music Services

Produced by Dave Coleman and Doug Hoekstra
Recorded at Howard’s Apartment Studio, Nashville
Mastered by Jim DeMain at Yes Master Studios, Nashville

Cover photo by George Clerk
Booklet Back Cover Photo by Dave Hoekstra
Design and Photography by Bob Delevante

As the liner note says, this is a record intended to be a marker of the times, disenfranchised characters inhabiting the tunes, pressing on through barriers and breaks fostered by their surroundings. Often, they travel a circuitous route, reflected in music that mirrors their path to self-determination, authenticity, happiness. Sometimes the fruits of this journey are reflected in something as simple as a better day, their day, the day deserved. Hope you enjoy and can find yourself between the notes. (Doug Hoekstra, 2021)

Special thanks to everyone who lent their talents to the making of this record; as well as all the musicians over the years I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with; it is the community, as much as the creativity, that matters in this equation. This album is dedicated to my son Jude

All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.



all rights reserved



Doug Hoekstra Nashville, Tennessee

Doug Hoekstra’s singular musical persona sets sympathetic narratives against understated vocals, memorable melodies, and subtle but unexpected arrangement turns. His albums have earned Nashville Music Award and Independent Music Award nominations, a bevy of top 10 list appearances, and a reputation as a “songwriter’s songwriter” (CMJ Music Monthly). "The Day Deserved" due out Spring 2021 ... more

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